Melt Blown Non Woven

Buy Superior medical grade non woven melt blown fabrics while ensuring the safety of your products. A reliable meltblown nonwoven for making meltblown nonwoven fabric, guaranteed quality. Inquire now.

Needle Punch Fabric

Non-woven needle punched felt/fabrics. This felt is being used in many industries like Home Furnishings, Automotive Industry, Garments, Shoulder Pads, Car Backliners, Packagings etc. Contact us to know more.

Hot Air Cotton Fabric

Hot air through bonded nonwoven technique of manufacturing nonwovens is known for delivering high quality of nonwovens. This technique provide nonwoven a special feature that makes it compatible and best suited for being used in masks.

Needle Punch Fabric

These felts are also used in the manufacturing of face masks, wet wipes and many other surgical items. As this material is less hazardous for the environment, they are opted by ‘n’ number of industries. The Industries where our Non Woven Polyester felt is immensely used are Household Domestic Uses, Filtration, Embroidery Patches, Ink Pads, Soft Toys, Synthetic, Leather Shoe Industry, Tapes manufacturing Industry, Automation Industry, Garment Industry, Textile Industry, Mattresses manufacturing industries and many more to mention. Our these Polyester felts are light in weight, easy to wash and durable in nature. These Felts can be customized according to the customer requirements.

Melt Blown Non-Woven

By electret treatment, the melt-blown nonwovens have better adsorption effect on viruses, bacteria and particulate matter in the air than ordinary melt-blown nonwovens, effectively block the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the air, and have better protection performance. The melt-blown nonwoven products have been tested by qualified third-party inspection institutions, and the test results show that the product performance meets the key performance index requirements of raw materials in the national mask standards. Melt-blown nonwoven products can be used to produce N95 protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, and ordinary civilian masks.

Polyester Viscose Fabric

Viscose, is a man-made natural plant-based cellulose fibre, regenerated from dissolved wood pulp or bamboo. Originally known as artificial silk although chemically it more resembles cotton. Tremendously versatile and quite cheap to produce, it has found a myriad of applications and is now the world's most produced man-made fibre. Viscose resists static, and is breathable, not trapping body heat or perspiration. However, on its own viscose is not very strong, especially as it absorbs and holds water easily, losing fully half its strength when wet, making it liable to mildew if damp. Viscose can degrade when exposed to sunlight, and is susceptible to abrasion, shrinking, pilling, & wrinkling.

About Us

The Company :-

At Guruji Enterprise Pvt Ltd., we export different kinds of Melt Blown, Non Wovens Interlinings, Poly Viscose Fabric and Needle Punch Felt Fabrics. We have widespread market covering India and Foreign Markets in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa too. With experience of over 10 years, non wovens are being exported with the latest modern technology and machinery under the supervision of trained and skilled taskforce.

We have various quality check parameters where the quality of the product is monitored and checked till its delivery as final product to the customers. Various parameters are taken into account to ensure the fabrication, needling, carding, and designing to ensure the final output to be prepared as per the desired specifications and requirements. We are backed up by an outstanding infrastructural facility to deliver unmatched non-woven textile exports solutions.

Using the latest technology and vast experience, maintaining strict quality management, we have gained immense share of the market at domestic as well as international level. We have been widely appreciated by our diversified clients from the Automobile and other manufacturing Industries.

Our nonwoven are used in various industries for different purposes like home furnishings, leather products, shoe cover, jacquard fabric, upholstery fabric, carpet backing, packaging industry, lining fabric, interlacing, furniture upholstery, filter fabric, filter bags, fabric rolls, face mask, frost blanket, mattresses, wall coverings, drapery, home textile, curtain fabric, coated fabrics, felt fabric, hygiene products. The weight range of our fabric gives stabilization to the product being manufactured and are highly appreciated for their elongation, fusing, permeability, absorbency, uniformity, conductivity etc.

Eco-Friendly Non Woven Fabric

We're committed to export non woven material that helps the environment. Our major range of Non Wovens Interlining Fabric is manufactured from Polyester. This Polyester is the recycled one that is made from the thread derived from recycling of PET bottles. Nowadays with the increasing recycling technologies, all the PET waste is converted to flakes wherein these flakes are passed through hot molten resulting in thread. Our non woven fabric range is made from these recycled polyester fiber. Our fabrics adheres to higher standards of durability, having high tensile strength.

Non Woven Needle Punched Felt and Fabrics

This felt is being used in many industries like Home Furnishings, Automotive Industry, Garments, Shoulder Pads, Car Backliners, Packagings etc. Being manufactured from the excellent quality of the material, owning the latest technology machineries, trained and skilled task force, quality check parameters at each and every stage of the production. Contact us for the purchase of this fabric. We are exporting of these fabrics across India, Asia and European countries. This nonwoven fabric can also be customized as per the consumer needs and specifications.

Hot Air Through Non Woven

We export finest quality of Hot Air through Nonwoven. This nonwoven is used in the manufacturing of masks as filter media. The filtration feature of this Non Woven make it more suitable and compatible for the medical and industrial market. These Air through bonded non woven is versatile enough to get perfectly fit in many products catering to the various industrial markets. The Hot Air through Non Woven is available with us in different specifications. The product can also be customized as per the consumer requirements and specifications.